Feature Requests

Let us know if there is something you think our API should be doing that it is not!

I have only read the documentation, so forgive me if this exists. A useful feature is batching - being able to request OG metadata for multiple sites (e.g., up to 10) in one request.

Thanks for the feedback @Billd!

This has been brought up before. Sometimes people want to submit 100s at a time which makes the API response time very long and potentially error prone. I think 10 at a time is quite reasonable. Would you be willing to test out something if we had it together in a couple days?

Yes. I can’t promise a super-fast turn around. But I am willing and able to test it. Probably a weekend with a week or 2 of implementation.


A parameter to get data only if they are in HTTPS would be great to prevent the broken image on website that are also in HTTPS

Hi nautilebleu,

Thank you for the feedback! Are you talking about when the image urls are relative and we stitch together the absolute URI for images? Can you provide a full URL that you are requesting so we can have a look?


If you crawl https://ingenium-elearning.com/, the API returns this URL for the image http://matthieu.wp.ingenium-elearning.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/logo_min_white.png

If the website that asks for the data is in HTTPS, this will raise a warning in the console and in the address bar near the certificate icon

It would be great to be able to returns omg URL only if it’s also in HTTPS in this case :slight_smile: