API Not Working. Things to check!

Encoding is super important! When experiencing issues, this is almost always the culprit!

First bold is the new version. Make sure you are using version 1.1. Second is the site you supply being URL encoded.

Feel free to reply to this topic if you have any questions!

What exactly are the rate limits for free accounts? The pricing page says 100/hr as far as a “request” is concerned. However, I get about 8 per hour. Am I misunderstanding the definition of “request”?

I would love to use your product, but cannot justify the expense without proper docs or support.

Thanks! - Larckyash

Hi @larckyash. Apologies for the delay.

Out bad here… we have not updated that page in a bit. Our Free tier used to be very wide opened and we have had to reduce it a bit over time as there has been abuse along the way. The current Free tier is limited to 20 requests / hr.

If you need a key to test for a week we can absolutely hook you up. Just send me an email justin@opengraph.io

I am having free account , I am using the same code which you have provided in C# sample document but I am getting error as “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found”

Hi Aniket28,

Please send an email to support@opengraph.io with the exact request you are making so we can have a look. Thanks!